Your Next Big Catch: A Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Guide

Your Next Big Catch: A Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Guide

Every year, people travel from all over the country to visit Smith Mountain Lake. From the moment you set eyes on the breathtaking landscape, you’ll known what makes it such a popular destination. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, over 50km of pristine shorelines are dotted with luxurious lakefront houses and laid back family campgrounds. But the fresh mountain air and incredible scenery isn’t the only thing that draws people here, as SML is home to some of the best striper fishing in the country.

gallery-page-06People who fish striper are not looking for quantity. They do it because they love the challenge. Reeling one in requires a lot of patience, skill, and luck.

For starters. they tend to be choosy eaters. Since there are so many known baits to choose from, selecting one can be a bit of a gamble.

Stripers are also migratory in nature. Throughout the year they’ll move up and down the coasts, travel through river systems, and even hang around near the shorelines. Generally, they’ll only bite if the water is the correct temperature.

Fishing from a boat requires you to know a lot about the local water currents and how they relate to feeding patterns. Generally, the thrill of reeling in a 50-pound striper is reserved for the experts. But at SML, anyone can master the skill.

SML is home to a dedicated network of striper fishing enthusiasts. Many people spend years mastering the waters: knowing which baits to use, finding all the best spots, learning the busiest feeding times. Some of them are just hobbyists, others have used their knowledge to start their own SML fishing guide service.

Taking advantage of this knowledge gives you the edge you need to be a little more successful on the waters. With a little friendly advice from an SML fishing guide, you’ll be able to get out on the waters with confidence. It will take you a little while to learn the layout, and to find all the spots that were recommended to you. But once you stumble across a school of stripers just within your casting distance, you’ll know your hard work has paid off.

That first cast is going to bring you one step closer to mastering one of the most challenging bass there is. Whether you actually catch one or not, it’s gallery-page-07the thrill of finding what you’ve been looking for that will stand out in your mind.

One morning you’re going to get out on the water and realize that the weather conditions feel just like they did the day you found your first school.

From that memory, you’ll know exactly where the best fishing spot of the day is going to be. Over your next few fishing trips you’ll have some successes, and you’ll have some failures. Before too long, every time you get out on the boat you’ll have a strategy for finding your striper of the day.

While many people get immense satisfaction from slowly mastering a challenge, not everyone has the time to dedicate to the craft. If you’re only in the area for a short time, you can always find an SML Fishing Charter to take you out on a striper tour.

The main challenges are learning how to properly cast and knowing where to find the fish. Working with an SML fishing guide will give you the chance to learn one on one from an experienced striper fisherman, so you’ll be able to develop the foundation you need to be successful in your future striper quests.

If you’re looking for an experienced striper Fishing guide, please contact me today at (540) 246-4375 or fill out a reservation form.