About RodBender’s Captain

About RodBender's CaptainA 20,600-acre lake with more than abundant fishery – Smith Mountain Lake is your paradise if you’re into fishing. This lake is particularly known for the stripers and if you intend to catch your first, it’s time to get serious. Don’t worry though, your captain is here to help!

Smith Mountain Lake can be tricky when you try to catch a striper and without proper knowledge on the whereabouts of the lake, it can turn out to be a daunting task. That’s where my experience of last 20 years will be of help. Nobody is perfect, but I am close to that when it comes to fishing technique for the Smith Mountain Lake.

It all started when I hired guides during my initial days of fishing, just to be a part of this Ultimate Smith Mountain Challenge. I grew a passion for stripers and have been taking charters ever since.

I am available at any time during the year, be it summer, spring, winter or fall. Even if you have caught stripers before, one thing is for sure, once you book a trip with me, you will be all set to be enthralled in a chain of events which will make your heart pound and knees weak… possibly the best fishing experience that you will ever get in your life.

I believe in sharing knowledge, so if you have questions, just ask. I won’t mind you picking my brain as it’s a part of teaching that when, where and how to catch a fish. I will be as excited as you when you catch your first striper and will, therefore welcome you to the big leagues.

Think I am boasting? Well, I guess you should check my video titled “How to Live Bait Stripers.” It has been well appreciated by many already and thanks to that, I am planning to turn it into a DVD pretty soon.

So, it’s time to put your doubts aside. Book a trip with me and get ready for the finest striper fishing experience in your lifetime.

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